Landlord & Tenant Law

Landlord & Tenant Law

Trust our highly rated firm to provide services in real estate law related to your case as a landlord or tenant in Camarillo.  The Law Office of Brian Nomi has been handling Ventura County Real Property Lease disputes for years. We bring to bear extensive knowledge and experience on the subject of landlord/tenant relations, having handled cases ranging from rentals of $300 per month to leases of $75,000 per month, as well as dealing with several other unique cases involving other estates in land.

Evictions are a summary procedure for the speedy removal of tenants from a real property. Eviction lawsuits are entitled to statutory priority under Code of Civil Procedure section 1170.5, and must go to trial within 20 days of becoming “at issue.” The sole question in an eviction case is the right to possession of the real property, and no counter-claim or cross-claim is allows in this type of lawsuit.

In litigating eviction cases, the landlord and tenant both must keep in mind the highly technical nature of California law in this area. A single mistake could cost the entire case, and it is generally difficult for either side to represent itself in an eviction trial. For example, there are numerous new requirements in serving a “3-day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit,” and failure to adhere to every requirement in a 3 or 30-day notice to quit can result in an instant dismissal of your eviction lawsuit.

This office has handled every type of legal issue in an eviction case, including “Repair and Deduct” matters, uninhabitability defenses and other claims regarding habitability, retaliation claims, and landlord’s right of entry matters. We have also handled issues after the eviction involving disposition of personal property left behind post-judgment.

Our office also handles specialized eviction cases, such as “eviction after foreclosure” matters, which take place after a property owner has lost his property to foreclosure, and the new owner of the property seeks to remove the party in possession of the home. Such cases must be handled differently than normal evictions under California Code of Civil Procedure Section 1161a. We handle residential and commercial evictions of every type, as well as trust or probate matters in which there may be a “tenancy at will,” in which a party is residing in a family real property without a lease and with no provision for payment of rent.

It is best to rely on experienced legal counsel in these types of cases. The Law Office of Brian Nomi has handled hundreds of eviction matters, and will be glad to consult with you free of charge.

We represent clients throughout Ventura County and surrounding areas, including Agoura Hills, Calabasas, Camarillo, Fillmore, Moorpark, Newbury Park, Ojai, Oxnard, Port Hueneme, Santa Paula, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, Ventura, and Westlake Village.